RDI Sports Management

Who are we?  We are a family of sports and business leaders, working together as a single enterprise to provide an array of solutions and strategies to guide our clients toward success.  Our commitment to integrity and excellence is our pledge to you.  In each and every business dealing, our excellence permeates through and gives RDI a distinctive character and a lasting impression that reflects on you – the client.

  • Results – Having a strong future has a lot to do with the choices you make today.  We offer you the guidance, training, competitive spirit and best opportunities available to maximize your results
  • Drive – We are committed to a relentless pursuit of the highest level of performance in all aspects of business.  We demand the same tireless effort of all of our clients and employees.  Our inspiration comes from the people we have helped make successful and the experiences that we have been through together in doing so.
  • Integrity – We are honest and forthright in our dealings with clients, employees, opposing negotiators, and the communities in which we conduct business.  Our actions are fair, impartial and straight-forward.

Client Promise

RDI presents every opportunity in a clear and understandable way so our clients can make an informed decision to help meet and exceed their goals. 

Statement of Purpose

Each player we represent at RDI Sports Management is special.  We represent today’s finest professional athletes in the complex world of contract negotiations and media exposure.  We offer our clients experienced guidance and counsel so they are able to take maximum advantage of the opportunities offered today.  We simplify the complexities of their world and expand their experience as a professional athlete.  We grow with our clients to ensure they receive the proper training and knowledge of the sports business world.

To accomplish this we offer a number of professional services to guide our clients.  From the initial training services and contract negotiations through the rest of their careers, RDI Sports Management works closely with each client to ensure proper decision making is constant.  We help our clients grow from young athletes into polished professionals who are independent productive citizens in their respective communities.

At RDI Sports Management, our goal is to assist our clients in attaining their professional, financial, family, and community goals.  We work closely with our clients to carefully define a path that will ensure the athlete becomes a well-rounded professional.  Our strength is our collective knowledge and experience in the sports and business worlds.  We have been where our clients are going, thus making it easier for them to achieve their own dreams.  RDI Sports Management and our clients establish long lasting partnerships for a lifetime of opportunity to attain success and happiness in their professional and personal lives.